InQuicker is key to our plans to provide coordinated care for all patient needs. It’s an elegant, simple system that is helping Dignity Health move into the future of healthcare.”

– Scott Carswell, SVP, Corporate Strategy and Integrated Delivery Network Development, Dignity Health

The InQuicker digital scheduling platform supports patient acquisition and retention enterprise wide –
from EDs and urgent care centers to practices and other service line locations. With InQuicker, you get:

  • A cloud-based solution:
    InQuicker is easy to implement and easy to use.
  • Self-scheduling and discharge scheduling functionality:
    InQuicker enables patients to self-schedule into your system via your website and search engines, or to schedule at discharge after visiting your facility.
  • Support in managing patient flow and sentiment:
    InQuicker scheduling solutions can integrate directly into your EHR or practice-management software, minimizing paper workarounds by clinical staff and providing 360-degree support.
  • A search engine-optimized platform:
    InQuicker landing pages are built for optimal search engine rankings.
  • “Powered By” branding:
    InQuicker’s white-label approach supports increased recognition for your brand.
  • Turnkey marketing support:
    Our marketing team has extensive experience in driving patient acquisition via paid search campaigns and traditional marketing tactics.
  • Detailed reporting:
    Our comprehensive reporting provides insights into patient volume, new patient mix, patient satisfaction and important demographic information.

More than 2/3 of patients who use InQuicker don’t have a primary care physician.


On average, 36% of patients who use InQuicker are new to a facility.

With InQuicker, your patients get:

  • Online ED and urgent care check-in: InQuicker’s self-scheduling solution enables those with non-life-threatening conditions to:
    • Select estimated treatment times
    • Check-in online, providing information on why they’re visiting to help ensure your staff is prepared for them
    • Wait from home until their projected treatment time.
  • Two-click scheduling for office visits and other service line locations: InQuicker’s patient-centric, online self-scheduling solution supports satisfaction with:
    • Convenience and control through 24/7 access to care: InQuicker increases the number of hours patients have to access to care from 40 to 168 hours per week.
    • Satisfaction by minimizing wait times: Patients who use InQuicker average 90% patient satisfaction scores.

InQuicker online self-scheduling lets you check-in for estimated treatment times at ERs and Urgent Care Centers or book appointments for healthcare services.
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