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For providers operating in schedule-driven environments, such as that found in physician practices and some other service line locations, InQuicker digital scheduling solutions are typically operationalized in an integrated way – whereby InQuicker integrates directly into your EHR or practice management software. This means, when a prospective patient self-schedules online:

  • The appointment automatically populates into your EHR or practice management system in real time.
    • Appointment mapping recognizes the appointment types that are associated with each slot in your system and shows them within the scheduling solution.
    • Real-time checks assure appointment slots are still available, making double-bookings impossible.
    • Patient record checks attempt to match the patient’s demographic data with existing patient records in your system. If a match is found, the existing patient record is placed into the appointment. If no match is found, a new patient record is generated.
    • If a prospective patient cancels an appointment, it can be marked ‘canceled’ in most systems.
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  • You control:
    • Schedule availability
    • Appointment types and durations
    • Accepted insurance plans
    • Screening questions
    • Practice and provider information
    • Instructions upon arrival
    • Link to additional paperwork

Provider benefits associated with an integrated approach include:

  • No special planning needed.
    Because schedules stay synced, there is no need for special planning for InQuicker appointments or estimated treatment times.
  • Operational efficiency.
    Your staff doesn’t need to hold specific InQuicker times – openings on your schedule automatically populate, minimizing paper workarounds by clinical staff.
  • Appointment and estimated treatment time accuracy.
    Because your schedule automatically updates, the times shown online are accurate, and our Real-Time Check automatically prevents double-booking.
  • Greater patient choice.
    Because integration allows for more available times to be shown to patients, they are provided more choices and more likely to find a time that fits their schedule.

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